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We need better policing for Westminster's communities

Our last meeting saw a great deal of discussion about changes taking place to Westminster's policing arrangements, and of their impact on communities such as ours, which are often subject to 'hate crime'; verbal and sometimes physical violence targeted at us just because of who we are.

We have grave concerns that the new model will lead to reductions in the time and support that Westminster's police will be able to provide, both to tackling and preventing hate crime. This is a concern we share with LGBT and other community fora across London.

And so we've written to the Deputy Commander of the Met, asking for urgent reconsideration of the funding and priority given to tackling hate crime in Westminster, and specifically for a re-instatement for the funding of LGBT+ related community policing.

This is a matter of great concern for the Forum and our members, and we will continue to press strengly for policing that provides the level of community protection and safety that Westminster's LGBT residents, workers, and visitors deserve.

You can find a copy of our letter here:


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