• Westminster LGBT Community Forum

A Poem for Pride

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

As we all hurry ourselves getting ready for our annual outing, here are a few words about why we're doing it, from the LGBT Poet Laureate (and forum member) Trudy Howson...


Love happens here.

In family, L.G.B.T.

In our relationships far and near.

It’s the heart of us and we.

Love can be enough,

In sunshine or in showers.

When the going gets tough,

It’s Love that empowers.

Love is our Diversity,

It’s the best that we can be.

Its the Talent and Creativity,

Within our Community.

Love is you and me.

We show it in a smile,

In our Endeavor and Tenacity,

In our ‘Fabulosa’ Style.

Yes, Love happens here


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